The Game Fanatics – Five Indie Games From PAX West

December 7, 2022

Whether you’re a fan of indie games or you’re just looking for some great reviews, you can’t go wrong with The Game Fanatics. We’ve compiled a list of five indie games to keep an eye on at PAX West.


Founded in 1995, The Game Fanatics is a sports merchandise company. They provide fans of major professional sports teams with a variety of merchandise, including apparel, trading cards, collectibles, and more. They have a customer database of about 100 million people. The company has been active in multiple funding rounds since 2011. In October of last year, Fanatics filed to trademark “FANATICS SPORTSBOOK” and is reportedly planning to launch a sportsbook. The company also manufactures licensed merchandise and is a major player in the trade card market.

Fanatics also owns a patent for a mobile betting app. The company has also filed to trademark “FANATICS CASINO” in October of 2021. The company is reportedly hiring 60 people to boost its betting business.

Fanatics is the largest sports-related e-commerce company in the world. It sells merchandise to fans of 150 U.S. college athletic programs, as well as major professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA. The company has also acquired several companies in recent years.

Top 5 indie games to watch from PAX West

Thousands of games were on display at PAX West, which means it was nearly impossible to play them all. The indie games section was the most visible, featuring blasting speakers and enthusiastic staff. You can find games to suit your tastes, whether you prefer rhythm games, stealth/action games, party games, or cozy games.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox, the new game from Henry Selick, creator of the James and the Giant Peach film, is a Metroidvania-style game. The game uses organic textures and the otherworldly fiction of H.P. Lovecraft as inspiration. It’s similar to Selick’s work and features Victorian-era mansions.

The Mortuary Assistant, a first-person job sim, is about finding demonic forces in cadavers. The game utilizes a clever event escalation system to keep the player engaged. This is a game perfect for fans of puzzle games, and the developer’s previous work includes humor.

Infinite Guitars is a rhythm RPG set in a world that has been destroyed by a war against machines. The game’s combat is similar to From Software’s Dark Souls, but the player will have to manage scarce resources to progress. The game was playable for the first time at PAX and has a targeted release date of spring 2023.

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Founded by Michael Rubin, Fanatics is a leading e-commerce company that provides fans with timely and accurate merchandise for the sports they love. The company’s products are available on its website, in stores, and at sporting events all over the world. Using a technology called Cloud Commerce, Fanatics can track every click, email, and purchase made on their websites. It also monitors social media to flag unusual events. It surfaces products that fans are interested in and monitors news to help customers find information about their favorite teams and players.

The company’s growth has been driven by acquisitions. Fanatics acquired the sports trading card company, Topps, for $500 million in 2022. They also bought the hat retailer Lids last year. Their revenue is expected to be around $2.6 billion this year. They also forged partnerships with major sports leagues in 2021. They’re currently working to secure a large market access deal. In addition, Fanatics is a partner with Walmart and JCPenney to sell merchandise in hundreds of JCPenney stores.

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