The Beauty of the Panorama Route

June 26, 2023

The towns along the Panorama Route were built as gold mine camps, but now they have a lot to see and do for tourists. Check out Pinnacle Rock, a 30 m quartzite tower that stands alone on the forest floor. You can see waterfalls, mountains, and amazing views, or you can get creative in the local art scene. Artists who paint, cut wood, and make stained glass all live in Lydenburg.

Lisbon Falls

On the Panorama Route, Lisbon Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls you can see. It is just north of Graskop. Along with Berlin, MacMac, and Horseshoe Falls, it is part of the Waterfalls Tour.

Lisbon Falls is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind waterfall that drops 308 feet into a huge pool. From a viewing point above the water, visitors can get a breathtaking view of the falls, or they can hike down to the bottom of the falls to get a closer look.

Lisbon Falls is not only a beautiful place to look at, but it also has a long past. The Abenaki Indians were the first people to live there. They called it Anmecangin, which means “many fish.” Later, it became a town called Thompsonborough. In 1802, it was renamed after the city of Lisbon, Portugal. The town became a small mill village because it had a lot of water power.

Today, Lisbon is a thriving community that takes a lot of joy in itself. It is a great place to visit because it has fun things to do all year long, as well as cute shops and restaurants.

The Potholes in Bourke’s Luck

The Bourke’s Luck Potholes, also called Giant’s Kettles, are one of the most well-known sights on the Panorama Route. They are a beautiful natural wonder cut into the bedrock of the Treur River by the river. They are about 35 km north of Graskop, and God’s Window is about 20 minutes away by car.

At the point where the Treur and Blyde Rivers meet, where there are whirlpools, this interesting geological creation is a sight to see. The whirlpools wore holes in the sandstone bedrock, making a series of cylinder-shaped pools whose colors change based on the type of soil, the amount of water, and the time of day.

Here, the tourist centre has a small kiosk, toilets, and a 700m winding path that leads to waterfalls, bridges, and viewing platforms where you can see these interesting natural water features up close. This amazing place got its name from a gold prospector named Thomas Bourke, who thought he had found a big gold mine in the area.

God’s Window

God’s Window is a famous natural feature in South Africa. It is along the Panorama Route. From this vantage point, the views are simply breathtaking. People who go there can see for themselves why it has this name.

Visitors can get a great view of the Mpumalanga Lowveld area from this high point. The view goes all the way to where Mozambique starts.

The views are beautiful, but there are also a number of waterfalls in the area. The Lisbon and Berlin Falls in Portugal gave the Mac-Mac Falls its name. It is a very stunning waterfall. This 98-foot waterfall falls down a steep cliff and into a churning pool below.

Bridal Veil Falls and Lone Creek Falls are two other waterfalls worth seeing. Both can be found near the town of Graskop, which is a famous place for tourists to visit. A lot of pancake and biltong shops, which are popular with tourists, are also in the town.

Three rudders

This beautiful natural wonder is in Blyde River Canyon and is one of the best things about South Africa’s Panorama Route. This unusual rock creation looks like three traditional African huts called rondavels. It was made when weathering wore away the soft stone underneath, leaving only slate and quartzite.

Visitors can walk across the viewing platform to get a better look at this amazing natural phenomenon, but they should be careful because there are no railings on this platform. The view of the canyon is beautiful, and you should come here at sunset to see how the warm colors of the setting sun bring out the beauty of the rocks.

The Three Rondavels are a South African sight that everyone who goes to the province of Mpumalanga must see. It’s worth stopping on your way from Joburg to Hazyview or Graskop to see this beautiful part of the country because the scenery is so beautiful.

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